The London Humanist Choir aims to:

  • Provide a choir for anyone who wishes to sing non-religious music
  • Promote humanism and humanist arts through public performances
  • Supply an inclusive community founded on humanist principles
  • Showcase songs composed for the Choir to be used in humanist ceremonies and events

As a means of achieving this vision we:

  • Do not audition prospective members before admission to the Choir
  • Are constantly building our diverse repertoire of humanist and secular music
  • Strive for highest possible standards by training our members and encouraging personal and sectional rehearsals so that we can hold our own and take part in other performances.

If you're interested in becoming part of the London Humanist Choir please see the Join page.

To see us in action you can check out our YouTube page.

Or to hear us check out our SoundCloud page.

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Check out a sample of our Repertoire here!