We've been busy perfecting our performances to make two new videos for release on YouTube.

Doctor Who was A LOT of fun to make - we definitely unleashed our inner Whovians! We first sang this as a suprise during the wedding reception of one of our Altos - both she and her husband are huge Doctor Who fans. It might have been a bit ropey at the time, but we've since perfected it in rehearsals.

A Little Help From my Friends was one of the stand-out performances from One Life 2019, and we did a special recording session later that year to capture the magic that is Mike Higgins' solo efforts. His brilliant bass is paired with images from some of the events we've had fun performing at over the last few years.

We have more recordings and videos coming up over the next few months as we continue to rehearse over zoom - we're so grateful to Laurel and Alex for their hard work in making the rehearsal magic happen. For however long the lockdown and social distancing continue, we know LHC will continue to make music together.