Thinking of joining the choir?

We are currently on summer break but will be starting a new year with new music on Tuesday 6 September. We are actively recruiting new members, so please join us!

We rehearse on Tuesday nights at The Doreen Bazell Hall, 1 Goldington Street, London NW1 1UG, registration from 6.45pm, singing from 7pm.

For more information, email

How do I join?

The easiest way to join is to come to one of our rehearsals on  Tuesday  at 18:45 during our 'term' dates. Our new term starts Tuesday 6 Sept.

There’s no audition and we have people from different backgrounds, ages and musical abilities. The only three requirements are that you enjoy singing, can make Tuesday nights for rehearsals and have a vaguely humanist outlook on life. Membership of Humanists UK isn't compulsory, but encouraged. We’re a friendly lot and don’t mind if you come and listen for a session.

The only times we don't accept new members are June (and the first week of July) and November, as we're very busy preparing for big concerts and our musical director needs us all to knuckle down!

When do you sing?

Every Tuesday at 19:00 - 21:00 during our 'terms'. Please arrive at 18.45pm for registration as we aim to start our vocal warm-ups at 19.00 sharp.

What will I need?

For the first week just bring yourself, we have printed music for new joiners and the other singers in your section will help you get started.

If you decide to join the choir we'll give you access to our Music Library with digital versions of the musical scores that you can print out as well as singalong tracks to rehearse on your own. Our singers have a range of musical experience so we provide ways to learn your part whether you read music or not. You just need a black ring-bound folder for your sheet music and a pencil for making notes.

When we perform we wear all black (in your own style) for formal concerts and black bottoms with a solid colour top for casual outdoor gigs.

Is there a joining fee?

There's a weekly recommended donation of £8.50 to cover rehearsal costs, on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. We want everyone to be able to participate and understand that some people may not be able to donate as much as others. Donations of higher amounts, or of whatever you can afford are all welcome! Term donations are also available.  All donations cover the hire of our venue, buying music, Accompanist, Musical Director and other occasional expenses.

Payments should be made to the following HSBC Bank Account:

Account Number: 71026070 Sort Code: 40-11-60
Please use a reference of 'LHC surname' - usually there is a character limit, so just type in as much of your surname as possible.
After you have made your transaction, could you please send a brief email to to let us know. Thank you so much.

What do you sing and where do you perform?

Everything and everywhere!

We perform annually at our festive December singalong, our own annual One Life concert (featuring us and some of our favourite comedians), Humanist UK events. We've performed at the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals, been the 'Mouse Choir' for Sara Pascoe's Christmas Assembly, made some recordings, and even travelled to Norway!

We also performed at the Brandenburg Choral Festival of London, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, the Dulwich Festival of Choirs, and as part of Common & Kind. We're available for hire for Humanist weddings and events.

We sing popular secularist music that is arranged especially for our choir as well as new compositions created especially including some wonderful pieces created for Humanist weddings and funerals.

Want to find out more?

Drop us a line on

Doreen Bazell Hall

Doreen Bazell Hall, 3 Purchese Street.