Thinking of joining the choir?

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily transitioned to being a virtual choir.

How do I join?

We rehearse on Tuesday nights on Zoom. Check our calendar for details of our next rehearsal and email so we can send you our Zoom details.

There’s no audition and we have people from different backgrounds, ages and musical abilities. We’re a friendly lot! The only requirements are that you:

  • enjoy singing,
  • can make Tuesday nights for rehearsals
  • live in the London area
  • have a vaguely humanist outlook on life. Membership of Humanists UK isn't compulsory, but encouraged.

The only times we don't accept new members are June (and the first week of July) and November, as we're very busy preparing for big concerts and our musical director needs us all to knuckle down!

When do you sing?

Every Tuesday at 19:00 - 20:45 during our 'terms'. We open the Zoom call from 18:45 and start our vocal warm-ups at 19:00. Check the calendar for rehearsal dates.

How do virtual rehearsals work?

We open the zoom at 18:45 so everyone has time to join, adjust their audio and video, and have a pre-rehearsal natter.

You are not required to turn on your video. Though we do enjoy seeing you, and it makes things easier for Laurel and Alex if they can watch you sing, we understand that anyone may occasionally have a no-video day and we don't want that to keep you from attending.

Everyone mutes themselves while singing, so you'll be the only person who can hear yourself. We sing along to both recorded guide tracks made by Laurel and Alex (which help us learn) and with live piano accompaniment.

We use break-out rooms to practice parts in voice sections (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). If you are new or haven't been in a while, please add your voice part to your zoom name, or add it to the chat so we can get you in the right room. If you're not sure which voice section you should be in - we can help you figure that out!

We also use break-out rooms during our break in rehearsal at around 20:00 (so you can get yourself a cup of tea) to make it easier to chat to each other in smaller groups.

We usually finish around 20:45, then keep the line open for post-rehearsal socialising.

What will I need?

Just yourself! We provide links to download all our sheet music, so you can print them off yourself. If you email in advance we can set you up with access.

If you become a regular member of the choir, then you’ll need a black ring-bound folder for your sheet music and a pencil for making notes. When we perform we wear all black.

What does it cost?

We're a charity, so we ask for donations to help cover our costs, such as the salaries of our Musical Director (Laurel), Assistant Musical Director (Alex), as well as venue hire and buying sheet music. Donations also qualify for Gift Aid.

We don't ask for any donations for your first rehearsal, so you can feel free to come along and check out what we do.

We have a weekly recommended donation of £8.50 per rehearsal - or you can donate a term at a time. This is our suggested minimum donation, but if you are able to or would like to pay more, we would certainly welcome that!

We do not want to discourage anyone from joining, especially in these difficult Covid-19 times, and understand some may not be in a position to donate as much as others. Donations of whatever you can afford are welcome. If you have any questions, please contact our Treasurer, Daniel Roseman, at

How to donate: Direct to the bank account. When you do so, don't forget to email  saying how much you have paid and the date that you paid.

  • Pay to: Humanists UK, SORT CODE 40-11-60. ACCOUNT 71026070
  • Reference: LHC-XXXXXXXXXXX (replace XX with your surname as much as will fit)

What do you sing and where do you perform?

Everything and everywhere!

We perform annually at the Darwin Day Lecture, and  host our own One Life concert (featuring us and some of our favourite comedians). We've performed several times at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, been the 'Mouse Choir' for Sara Pascoe's Christmas Assembly, made some recordings, and even travelled to Norway!

We also performed at the Brandenburg Choral Festival of London, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, the Dulwich Festival of Choirs, and as part of Common & Kind. We're also available for hire for Humanist events.

We sing popular secular music that is arranged especially for our choir as well as new compositions created especially including some wonderful pieces created for Humanist weddings and funerals. There's more info on our repertoire page.

For the latest events see our Calendar page.

Want to find out more?

Drop us a line on