What we sing...

Our repertoire is wide ranging, including classical pieces, the oldest known folk song, humanist ceremony music, Tim Minchin and the Flaming Lips to name but a few. The following is a small sample of our set to help you get an idea of what variety of music we sing.

Cover Songs:

Five Hebrew Love Songs – words by Hila Plitmann, music by Eric Whitacre
Do You Realize - The Flaming Lips, arranged by Chloë Clifford-Frith
Take me to Church – Hozier, arranged by Hans Kaldeway
Tesco Saves - Fascinating Aida, arranged by S. Wilson
What a Wonderful World – Bob Thiele & George David Weiss arr. by Birchall & Hussey
Woody Allen Jesus - Tim Minchin, arranged by Daniel Basford

Original Humanists UK Commissioned Music:

Blah Blah Bethlehem  - Ian Assersohn
From so Simple a Beginning  - Ian Assersohn
Here In My Heart - Jessica Smith & William Morris
Path of Least Resistance - David Matzdorf
Teapot! - Ken Richman
We've Got Stephen Fry - words by Stu Richards, music by Alex Hall
The Lucky Ones - Ken Richman

There are many many more pieces, but you will have to come check us out to enjoy them...

However, to see some of these and other songs in action you can check out our YouTube page.

You can listen to some of our own recordings on Soundcloud.

Take a look through our Spotify playlist to get a sense of our repertoire.