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The London Humanist Choir is funded through weekly donations from members, money raised at our annual One Life concert (currently postponed), and UK Gift Aid.

Throughout the lockdown, we have continued with online rehearsals, reached out to new audiences through our #VirtualChoir videos, and worked hard to keep our choir community vibrant and supported despite the distance between us.


Many of our members are facing financial hardships through loss of work or caring responsibilities, leading to a drop in the choir’s income.

Your donation will make it possible for us to continue paying our musical team, hold weekly rehearsals, and produce new virtual choir videos, some of which are intended for use at non-religious memorial services.

Donations to the choir can be made through our parent organisation Humanists UK (registered UK charity no. 285987). Donations from UK taxpayers qualify for Gift Aid which will add 25% to your donation amount.

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