What folk are saying about us!

“We have performed with the London Humanist choir several times over the last few years and it is always a pleasure to do so. They are fantastically talented and a great bunch of people, and have delighted audiences whenever they’ve been on the bill.” — Holly Jones, Arts & Culture Manager, Three Faiths Forum


"The London Humanist Choir performed at FAITHS IN TUNE Interfaith Music Festival in 2015, representing a non-faith perspective. The choir's energy was truly amazing and no less spiritual and inspiring than the other faith-based performances. We were really thankful to have the choir at FAITHS IN TUNE, because at an interfaith music event they managed to show us that "believing" does not only have to refer to a divinity, and that not ascribing to any particular religion doesn't automatically make you a "non-believer" - the choir indeed reminded us of all those humanist, universal values that all people, regardless of their religious affiliation, can believe in, connect with and subscribe to. I wouldn't want to miss them from any of our future FAITHS IN TUNE festivals!" — Anja Fahlenkamp, Founder/CEO, FAITHS IN TUNE Interfaith Music Festival


“I have followed the London Humanist Choir’s fortunes since its very beginning. In the days when I worked in London I used to sing with it on occasion, taking a few rehearsals when needed and as a composer I have been honoured to provide some of its repertoire. The choir’s future in the early days was really very uncertain so I’m delighted that the choir has not only survived but under its current leadership is positively thriving. Music plays a vital role in bringing people together, and in supporting them through life’s important milestones: this is something that religion has instinctively understood, and the humanist movement has sometimes neglected, to its great detriment. There is much more to be done, but the London Humanist choir is a small light in a dark world; may it continue to prosper and to delight.” — Ian Assersohn, Composer


“I have been asked to arrange a couple of songs for the London Humanist Choir and am delighted to be asked to provide them with more repertoire. The songs are well chosen and I enjoy arranging them out for them to sing. I have watched YouTube performances of one of my arrangements and have been very impressed with the choir and their musicality. I hope to continue working for them in the future.” — Daniel Basford, Composer


“The London Humanist Choir was one of the highlights of our annual Celebrant Conference 2014. They provided after dinner entertainment and struck exactly the right note; singing songs that resonated powerfully with a room full of professionals who deal with the rock face of birth, death and everything in between. The choir pulled together a sensitive and beautifully sung repertoire, also encouraging just the right level of participation. They left to rapturous applause, having made us laugh, cry and sing and it was a real pleasure to experience their professionalism and talent at our event.” — Isabel Russo, Head of Ceremonies, British Humanist Association


Probably the finest choir of its type in the Country today! They're a privilege to have at our events, dazzling and inspirational. I cannot thank London Humanist Choir enough for their beautiful, precise, intelligent and radiant singing! I wish you all the very best for the years ahead. A marvellous sound. — Kenneth Greenway


I was bowled over by your performance at the wedding, and I know that Patrick and Lucy were too. The rehearsals last night and this morning made it all come together, so thank you all very much for putting so much effort in. I knew it would be good, but it was so much better than good – as your appreciative audience surely made clear. I went on to the reception, where several people sought me out to say how fantastic you had been. — Rupert Morris, Humanist Celebrant


I don't even know where to start! We cannot thank you all enough for making Saturday the best day ever and for blowing us all away with Africa, One day like this and Everywhere. Everyone absolutely LOVED the choir and we have been inundated with messages telling us just how wonderful they thought you all were. We thought you were all absolutely incredible and I hope that you enjoyed performing as much as we enjoyed watching you perform. All of the members of the choir were so genuine and so talented. I really wish we could do the day all over again! — Rey & Jack, Wedding